How to Make Money Online: Step by Step Guide

Making money through the Internet is not that hard.  In fact, there might be a hundred and one ways for you to choose from.  With just a laptop and a reliable Web connection, you are on your way to online money making.

How to set up a website?First and foremost you have to set up a PayPal account as most clients use Paypal in order to send in their payment for your services.  Just go to if you want to sign up.  You just need to select your account type and fill out the necessary information.  The system will then have you confirm your email address as well as some other information and in the end, you will get your own Pay Pal account.

As soon as you have a PayPal account then you are surely ready to think about which online money making “scheme” would you be interested in.

Below are examples of great ways to setting up Your first site and make money online:

  • Find/Buy a Domain Name

Most of the time succeeding in the online industry would be for you to get the right domain name.  You may have a domain search online and have the choice of whether you would just be working locally or would be using the global Web.  Searching by category would also help you get ahead of your competitors.  Having free domain alerts would also serve as your reminders or trackers in terms of newer inventory.  Check out sites such as Go Daddy and Dotster for your domain name needs. WebSite Tonight 125x125

  • Buy Web Hosting

Now that you have a domain name, it is time for you to learn about web hosting.  A web host can be referred to as your service provider that is responsible for storing your site on the computer that should be connected to the World Wide Web.  This is of course to make sure that visitors are able to see and go to your web site.  Your web host has to have a fast speed in terms of Internet connection and should also have a lot of sites to be found on many servers.  Think of your web host as your leaser from which you rent out a space to have a website on the Web.

Buying a web host would ensure that visitors, when they type the name of your web site, would be able to access it.  You just need to decide on the name you want and then inform your web host and when the name you chose is available, your web host will make sure that the space they set up for you will automatically direct your visitors (the bones who typed your site’s name in the URL) into your site.

  • Design your Website or Buy a Template

Once you have started on building your site, the next important thing you would have to look into would be designing your web site.  This step takes time though.  Good thing there are the so called pre-designed templates which you can buy or even get for free.  There are varied WordPress templates over the Web that would give your site a professional look and at the same time make your site attractive.  Of course, it will be best to choose a style or design that will reflect your business, your likes, etc.  If you are just a newbie webmaster, then a pre-designed template is the solution.


  • Add Unique Content

One of the most popular ways of making online profit would be adding unique content to your site.  For the reference of newbie web masters, unique content is the information found in your site alone free from plagiarism and that content would determine the spot that your site will hold in terms of visibility, traffic, etc.  Remember that your clients will pay you more if your site’s content will boost traffic, visibility, and a lot more.

Having unique content is really beneficial.  The content your website has, once unique, is said to attract more visitors.  True, a person searching for information on Fashion would get a list of hundreds of websites that have information on Fashion but if a site’s content is unique more people would decide to click on that site’s link as compared to the others.

One good way of developing unique content would be to create lists that would give you plus points to your visitors.  Bear in mind too that more information would lure your visitors to stay longer, frequent your site for information, give their contributions to your site, and of course, refer other people to your site.  The trick is also to keep on adding unique content into your website regularly to make your visitors come back again and again.

  • Make Money with an Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing is one more way to make money online.  Joining an affiliate program would mean that you as a web site owner would just need to place either an ad in your site or the so called linking code which your visitors can see and then click on for them to be taken immediately into your client’s site.  More traffic brought into your client’s site and also the more sign ups or purchases that you bring in would mean a greater amount of profit for you.

There are a lot of affiliate programs you can find just by searching on the Internet.  You just have to apply online if you are interested in joining and then wait for approval.  An approved application would mean that you get an HTML code which you just have to cut and paste into your web site.  This would then link a client’s site into your site and that means you can now start earning.


  • Other Ways to Make Money Online

Having an online shop has also been the trend nowadays also because of the fact that you do not need to hire employees, no rent needed, etc.  Sites like Multiply, eBay, to name a few do permit their members to sell their stuff or auction off items freely or at a very minute cost.  It is surely quite easy to have an online store; just make sure that your merchandise would be those that have a high demand for people to continuously buy from your shop.

Creating your own Blog is also a good way to make money online.  The more traffic would mean more profit and of course the fact that you keep more people interested in your client’s services or products would place more cash into your own pocket.  Great ways to increase your blog’s traffic would be through search engine optimization, press releases, etc.


With research, determination, as well as the necessary resources, making money online is not that so difficult.

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